Wednesday, January 14, 2009

give a way oh give a way....

I've been hinting around long enough, so here it is, my first give away of 2009! You can win this painting: "Celtic Pride"! Face it, January needs more events to liven it up, so here you go, a reason to celebrate. Plus I was able to talk Bill out of an original! Now for the entry rules:

January is also a month where we tend to evaluate our selves in a critical manner - too fat, too poor, too impatient, etc... So to enter this contest you have to say something positive about a physical attribute of yours and something positive about something non physical, I'll give an example~

I have great hair! It's thick and curly and very easy to take care of. I am also very witty, I love making people laugh, at me or themselves (in a nice way:-)

See, that wasn't so bad, just 2 positive things about yourself in my comment section or you can email them to me. This contest ends on Chinese New Year (year of the bull!). If you don't know when that is, then look at a calendar. You can see this painting in a larger format on Bill's website

Good Luck!


cate said...

I've got great eyelashes. They are really long.
And I have excellent taste in art. Hehe! (The painting IS BEAUTIFUL and anyone would be blessed to have it hanging in their home.)
I do a good job raising and teaching my children. (That was actually hard for me to say, I'm always dealing with mommy guilt. So thank you for making me say it.)

Kara said...

I actually like my hair, it's very soft and silky.

And, I like who I am! I'm loving, caring and I'm the type of person who will do everything I can to help someone who is in need!

This is a hard blog to do, because we're taught NOT to voice the things we like about ourselves. So, thank you! :)

Angel said...

I love how strong my body is. It can take a licking and keep on kicking.

I like how I am able to communicate with animals in some strange wierd way ~ I can also pick up things from people which people don't always like but the animals welcome it.

Sheralan said...

I like my lips, they're "poofey" and have a nice shape.

I have a great sense of humor (if not a bit twisted) and I've raised two kids who have the ability to laugh at themselves (and others).

Barbara L. Frazier said...

Dispite my wickedly hard water I maintain very soft, touchable skin, like a baby's bottom :)It is not hard to find something I like about me, but it totally goes against the grain to say it.

I make friends very easily and tend to keep them forever. Maybe it's not me, I just meet a lot of really great people. Anyway., friends are awesome!

Wynnelle said...

It would have to be my hair which has always brought nice comments. Even now at my age, it is thick with lots of body and I am able to maintain a great auburn color.

I take responsiblity seriously. If it is mine to do or take care of, it happens.

tappingflamingo said...

I like the color of my hair, I know many spend a lot of time and money trying to get the blonde color I have. I also get along with others quite easily, I think this is because I try not to judge others and give the the benefit out the doubt.

jonrussell said...

I am tall. Which can be a blessing and a curse, especially in a house with lots of short people.

And I am a good teacher, both at work and at church. It is a wonderful blessing to have been given. And I really enjoy it too.

TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I like the color of my eyes, they're just like my dad's.

I am generally a positive person and have the ability to laugh at myself. (Luckily, I give myself lots of opportunities to do that.) :)

I also know when Chinese New Year is, so maybe I'm smart. Or weird. One of those. :)

Family said...

I like the color of my eyes. My freckles are a great conversation peice as well.

JoEllen said...

I am determined at whatever I set my mind to. No goal is too big, or unattainable. Once I have a plan, I can stick to it!

I type well. :)

PS The painting really is beautiful. I can't hardly believe that you're going to give it away!! but I hope I win this time. :)

kristi d said...

First of all thank you, a little positive reflection went a long way for me!

(I am going bold here) (ohh this is hard)....I am pretty! I have been told this my whole life but until this last year never wrapped my brain around it. (please dont think I am vain)

As for the non physical.. I am a strong, loving, forgiving person. And at times bold. Procrastination.. not me...entering on the last day...Painting or no painting this was an uplifting GIFT! Luv, Kristi



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