Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday girl!

I had the most amazing little girl 19 years ago yesterday! Her smile has always been able to brighten up a room, her intelligence amazes me constantly, her drive is relentless, and her talents are many. 
Her birthday meal choice was fruit crepes. 
Her cake was key lime cheesecake (which is now a family fav!).
So what do you get for a 19 year old girl who owns more shoes than her mom has over an entire life time and clothes have to be put into storage because of the amount?  The perfect gift would be a car, but hey, we're poor (in money only!) so the only car has "Hot Wheels" painted on it's side.  Well, we found the perfect gift:

A didgeridoo!
We had another day of sunshine (I guess we're averaging 1:7 days of sun) so we went out for a stroll.  Danni brought home all the clam shells she could stuff into her pockets...they're now strewn about the bathroom.

Bill's always trying to make the stroller or wagon rides a little more thrilling for Enoch, what a guy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

We had about 4 hours of sun on Good Friday and went on a walk.  I'm not sure what Danni is doing, maybe some yoga poses while she waits for us to catch up.  Bill was lagging behind taking landscape pictures, hence the many views of my 'lagging behind'.

Danni put her hand in the koi pond and the fish flocked to her and touched her hand, she was pretty thrilled!
On Saturday I took advantage of the 2 hours of sun we had and laid in the hammock with a good book which I set on my stomach and fell asleep.
Harrison & Aurora took Enoch and Danni down to the South Church of the Nazarene where a helicopter dropped 20,000 eggs.  The little ones had fun, the older ones were frustrated with the mannerless mob - and their children.
On Sunday we participated in our annual Easter Cantata which our conductor and pianist work so hard on.  We have an amazing choir this year, but we're losing some and very sad about it, darn residents:-)
I have a tradition that nobody else seems to remember- and since I had not blogged about it I have no proof, and maybe they're all correct and I did make it up on the spot - but we'll keep that our secret!
This [long standing] tradition is to find a symbolic meaning for all the food served in our Easter feast:
palm fonds - when the Savior came into Jerusalem on the donkey.

 Baked Macaroni and cheese
it's yellow like the sun that finally shone after 3 days and nights of darkness
looks like it could be the stone that was rolled in front of the Savior's tomb.

the bread of life
And sweet is the love that allows us to repent and live with Him again!

 Our kids will probably never be too old for a good egg hunt- Bill being one of those kids.  He takes as much joy hiding the eggs as the kids do finding them.  I don't think the CSI could find a lot of the eggs he hid.  It is further proof that these children are his because they find them!  Next year ladders and hammers may be employed....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

cream of celery

I have had a hankerin' to make my own creme of _(add your pick here)_ soups.  So I found a 5 star recipe for creme of celery and made it my own with a side of hot corn bread drizzeled in syrup. 
 I know soup season is quickly being replaced by salads, I just needed to know if I could do it. 
My family gave this meal a 2 thumbs up!
You can find the reicpe here.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

good fences make good neighbors

Once there was a little boy who would not stay in his yard and his parents became very concerned.... his papa went to the river and found some logs that were strong and true...

...he then dug holes using only the most precise and accurate measuring tools...

...papa found it hard to keep his crew on track...

...but he managed to make some headway...

...and the crew continued working through rain and shine... times the crew was large...

...and papa was very good at ordering them around... extremely handsome and talented son designed and made a gate...

...the neighbors and friends commented on the families resourcefulness of using table tops from table acquired at an auction long long ago...

...and the little boy has found....
...that it's much harder to escape!
I planted some of my cool weather crops today, beets, carrots, lettuce, radishes, and a new vegetable I haven't tried yet, kohlrabi.  We're trying the no-till method since our gardens are raised and there has been very little soil compaction.  I'm currently begging for egg cartons to start the zillion seeds I have left to plant.
I have been in mourning for the past week or two.  It seems so silly with all the horrible disasters around the world that I would be fretting about my selfish little problems. 
 But I didn't get into grad school. 
I think I will substitute next year.  I must have more faith in Bill's art selling.  He is doing so wonderful at getting into his studio and producing tons of super work.  It's been great having Tawny here to watch Enoch and give Bill some studio time. 
I know I have said I was going to do Hcg again, I failed, so I'm starting over again! Another reason for my mourning.


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