Thursday, January 13, 2011

hCG ... take 3!

Allot has happened since the New Years blog, I will try to keep it all succinct.
* My amazingly hunky and talented husband turned 45.  I'm kind of excited about this, I've never been married to a 45 year old man before.
* Harrison can now legally drive - as long as he's by himself, with siblings, or an adult over 25....grr - I hate all these restrictions! (He's currently out picking up some cheese for dinner.)
* The precious little boy I was interpreting for moved away.  So now I'm just 'hanging out' at the school waiting to hear where they want me and trying to fly under the radar so I can stay there, I really like it!
* Danni is enrolled in public school - for the first time!  I did that two days before my deaf boy moved thinking it was so convenient for us to walk together there and back.
* I got a killer toothache, hoping to get it taken care of tomorrow.
* Aurora got a part in the Muncie Central High School play, she's very excited.
* I have started my graduate application at Ball State for Speech and Language pathology.
* I found out my GRE scores expire after 5 years and I have to re-take the $160.00 test - with being out of school for 10 years...should be interesting.
Is it worth the trouble?
* Tawnymara and two of her closest friend took off this morning on their first leg of their journey to Florida, then to Jamaica.  After some real strong feelings plaguing David on his mission about Tawny going to Honduras David's mission president told him to call her and speak to her.  Tawny promised him she would not to go, it was very hard for her, I'm proud of her.
* David called our phone, I answered and did not recognize his voice, just handed it over to Tawny...I should do great on that GRE!
* And lastly, as my title stated, I'm doing hCG again. I found all the weight I lost last time over the holiday season.  So I'm doing it again, so far 8 lbs gone, one week done (that includes the three days of bulking which I really indulged in this time knowing what was coming.  I ate out probably 5 times throughout those 3 days, made Bill a cheesecake for his birthday...and one for me to eat, anyway I think it did the trick because during the 5 days of 500 calories I haven't even been tempted to cheat!)


Wendy said...

How long is Tawny in Florida? Where is she staying?

Good luck with the GRE and grad school. That sounds like an exciting new adventure :)

pro said...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

Devri said...

Ummm look at you growing up.. so proud! :)

I am a blog slacker lately, but I have to say from the time I have been boy cotting blogger, your kids have grown. sad.. I wish we all lived closer!

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