Monday, September 21, 2009

The Joy of Sox

Every three months or so I decide that the 'sock basket' needs to be gone through. I was surprised at the amount of socks accumulated over the past three months since the main mode of footwear has been flip flops. As I was pondering on that phenomenon other questions came up, such as:

1 * What is the statistical probability that every set of socks gets divided up into separate loads of laundry? If they were washed in the same load they would have been matched and folded rather than dumped into the sock basket...right?

2 * Why is it so hard to throw away socks with holes or that are thread bare, or that have elastic stretched out so far that it could fit on an elephant?

3 * Does anybody look so close as to notice one is wearing 1 black and 1 navy blue sock?

4 * Why do sock manufactures sell a pack with a navy blue set and a black set of socks in the same design?

5 * How do dirty socks find their way into the sock basket? (Seriously ~I feel like I need to shower for 1/2 an hour after going through it!)

6 * How do pairs already folded together make it into the sock basket? (Bill suggested they were 'soul' mates).

7 * Why is it that only one sock turns pink in a laundry mishap? (possibly due to reasons in question #1?)

8 * Why is it that only boy socks turn pink in laundry mishaps?

9 * Why do I have roughly 2 dozen socks that fit nobody that belongs to me?

10 * How did dog hair get into the sock basket?

11 * Why can't I find matches to the 'cute' or 'good' socks in the end?

The front socks are now complete, the back ones are still alone. If you recognize any of the back ones from your sock basket, let me know, I'll send it right over! First I'm going to throw them into the wash and see if their mate magically appears when they come out of the dryer.

Please answer any and all questions you know the answer to, I will then compile all that knowledge into a best selling book that every housewife in the country will buy and make me very wealthy!

We celebrated Enoch's birthday last night with a chocolate cheesecake (what else would a 2 year old want?) While we were singing to him he got his thumb in the cake. Cute kid!


Shauna said...

SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS they are all over here at my house. Happy Happy Birthday to Enoch! CUTE picture with the cake :)

Anthony & Mandy Vermillion said...

We had a sock basket when we were growing up too! That cheesecake looks lovey and huge and delicious! Happy birthday Enoch!

Erika said...

Happy birthday Enoch! I, actually, haven't had the sock problem yet...mainly because 1) I hate wearing socks and 2) Jon does his own laundry :). I only have to worry about the girls socks and I immediately hunt them down once I realize one's gone (often finding them stuck/hidden in sheets or other clothing). I agree with so many of your observations though. Too funny!

JoEllen said...

I grew up in a large family and we had a lot of mismatched socks. They lived in a drawer. It was one of my chores to find them mates. The ones that never matched we turned into sock puppets.

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