Tuesday, August 25, 2009

what would you bid on?

OK - so I have this Relief Society (the women's organization of the LDS church) activity where I'm supposed to bring some sort of service to be bid on in an auction. Every woman is supposed to bring something. I have been thinking about what I can bring for the past month and I'm still not decided, so I'm asking you (some of whom will probably be there - I still want to know, even if you don't bid on it:-)
Here are my thoughts:

1) An hour massage. I have the table and the talent. The problem is, would anyone bid on it? I have a few customers, but none in my ward, I do have a regular from the 2nd ward though.

2) A pie. I know, that sounds a little tacky, but my lemon meringue is very good!

3) Tomatoes. I could bring a huge baskets of tomatoes....so many....

4) Coasters. I need to make some more for Casella's anyway, so I could do 4 more for the auction, is you don't know what I'm talking about go here. (I should be thinkin' about another give a way too!)

5) Did I mention tomatoes?

6) A meal. I think it would be fun to have a meal brought in without having a baby or getting sick to get it. And my meals are organic vegitarian - so that may be for bad or for good...

7) Photography. I'm no pro, but I could do some fun pictures of a family!


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I think tomatoes are a good idea! (And not just because you mentioned it twice.) :)

Wendy said...

I would definitely bid on tomatoes! All of mine are still green and I'm getting impatient.

JoEllen said...

I love pie...and when I started reading your post I totally thought pie! I think a meal is a great idea too. Who doesn't love NOT having to cook!? :)

Is there a "chore" you wouldn't mind doing for someone else. I hate to clean my oven (which is why I probably always decide it needs done when I'm pregnant so that I'm not actually the one who does it), and I don't love to do windows. Something like that people would surely bid on!

cate said...

I would bid on the massage. I would even fight someone for it.

Anthony & Mandy Vermillion said...

who in their right mind wouldn't LOVE a massage, or a pie, or photography for that matter. You will probably have the best, most creative auction item there! Actually every single one of your ideas is great!

Erika said...

Man, you have a ton of good ideas. We did something close to this and I know, if a massage would have been on the list I'd have gone for that one...hands down! You're pie is also sounding quite good too.

Kelley said...

I would definitely bid on a family photography session...that is a very special prize in my opinion because it will keep on giving, and giving, and giving, and . . . :)



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