Monday, June 1, 2009

and so it begins...

This was the first day of summer break for the kids, here's how it's gone so far...
12:00 midnight -Tawny and Harrison get home at from a friends house.
6:30am- Bill wakes us up for scripture study.
9:00 - we all go back to bed until around
9:34 -I go for my five mile walk that got turned to a 4 mile walk because of some tree pruning machines in my way, plus it started raining.
10:00 Harrison is doing dishes because he agreed to if we let him go last night
11:00 Tawny gets home from the 'Y' - Harrison still doing dishes.
12:00 I tell kids they can't watch anymore StarGate on the comp until jobs and dishes are done (Harrison is still doing dishes)
1:00 Enoch and Aurora go down for a nap (I didn't know about Aurora...) Harrison is finishing up dishes.
2:00 Tawny wants scalloped potatoes, I start them, she finishes them. Harrison is done with dishes...more or less.Kids are watching 'Glee' on Computer.
3:00 - I try to clean my room so my 4:30 massage appointment can feel relaxed in my room instead of apprehensive about the 4 laundry baskets of clothes strewn about. Kids watch 'Clock Stoppers' on DVD.
5:30 - I come down from the massage to find them watching some 'old' 90s movie that they are having fun making fun of!
6:09 - I'm blogging because I'm about ready to blow a gasket! I can't stand all this laziness and disorganization. Last night in family counsel I wanted to have schedule for the summer done by tonight, but I was vetoed, they wanted one week to figure out their lives and submit their schedules for approval then.
Things they must have:
* personal scripture/journaling time
* exercise time
* house work time
* library/reading time
- that doesn't sound so bad, does it? How do you stay sane over the summer? What do you require of your school aged kids? Why don't all schools go to the year around schedule??


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

Ah, the summer schedule. We talked about ours tonight. Our kids have required tasks that include chore in kitchen, vacuuming chore, reading/study time, piano/school practice, helping with dinner. Then, they can also earn extra "summer bucks" by reading more, doing Personal Progress or Faith in God requirements, folding laundry. The "bucks" get them minutes of TV or computer time or they can save to purchase a few odds and ends I've saved up or to "spend" on date time with mom or dad. That's pretty much it. I suppose I should have posted this on my blog since I'm sure this comment is now longer than your post. ;)

JoEllen said...

My mom is a school teacher, so we always had summer reading and math requirements. We always attended some sort-of summer camp that was educational. Never soccer camp or anything like that. It was always science or math related. I do remember that we were required to read at least half an hour a day, along with chores and such.

Good luck! You'll have to let us know what the final schedule turned out to be.



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