Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's day

Top L-R:Tom, Sheralan, Scott Taken Nov 2007
Seated L-R: Becky, Mom, me

Why I love my mom;

1- She taught me how to ride, train, and care for horses.

2- She had 4 other kids almost as cool as me....OK, they're way cooler, but they still consent to speak to me.

3- She sang with me and taught me how to find the alto and tenor parts.

4- She loves my children and is proud of their accomplishments.

5- She gave me my (slightly) wild and rebellious side that enables me to be a little 'off the radar'.

6- I am able to walk three miles barefoot on gravel - thanks to mom (and yes - some of my kids area developing that talent).

7- She has a generous heart.

Happy Mother's Day!

I love being a mom! As a young woman I decided against having children (stop laughing!) I'm glad life didn't work out that way.

I am constantly listening to my children talk about the day when they have kids, and I have no doubt that they will be even better parents than Bill and I.


JoEllen said...

You are such a fun mom, but I bet you'll make an even cooler grandma!! Happy Mother's Day!!

tappingflamingo said...

I can remember the day I use to walk barefoot on rocks--hot rocks too. I ran around barefoot all the time. Growing up if someone had shoes on we would ask them where they were going. But when I hit the big 4--0--no more of that. All the barefoot dancing and running around with no shoes finally caught up with me and I developed bone spurs. Ouch!! Been paying for it ever since. But I did find Birkenstocks! Of course I had to go to physical therapy first. I sure hope you don't wind up like me.

Sheralan said...

I was just talking about you, as a mom, the other day, telling a friend about how wonderful your children are, how they are so well behaved and have such great character. I know we parent differently, but different works, and you are such an amazing mom!

Now, I'll hijack this thread a bit, since we have the same mom, I too will say just a few things I love about her too.

I love my mom because:
~She always made me feel loved, even when I acted unlovable.
~She let me make my own decisions early on, let me make mistakes and learn, and let me succeed on my own and feel accomplished.
~She always trusted and believed in me, even when there was no reason to.
~ She taught me to laugh at myself when I fall (and unfortunately, to laugh at others too :-) ).
~She taught me the value of instinct and intuition, and to never ignore that still, small voice.
~ I love her 'cuz she's my mom!

Ok, done hijacking your thread. I had a wonderful mother's day and I LOVE being a mom. I hope all you moms out there had a great day, especially you, Kristie!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if I could put a huge blushing face here I would because I'm so embarrassed that it took me this long to finally look at this thread which I will treasure forever. I've been out at the ranch (for those of you who don't know me I'm helping a woman out there manage a ranch) and her DSL got hit by lightening and it's been weeks and it's still not fixed!!!! GRRRRRR I still run barefoot over rocks and through the barns and even leading horses. And I certainly do have a rebel streak every now and then.
;-) Thank you so much Kristie and Sheralan for the wonderful things you said. My heart is so full of joy and Happiness and tears (good ones). I love you all so very much too!!!!!! And I'm going to have to push anonymous to get this on here because I can't figure out my Google (Blogger) name and password. Yikes!! Mom ():-)

Angel said...

Hey, I'm not anonymous anymore ~ I figured out who I am. I'm no longer lost and wandering aimlessly.

Mom ():-)



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