Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jekyll & Hyde

Dessert or side dish? I'm going for side dish today, but it's yummy enough to be a dessert. Gillian Jackson's sweet potato casserole.. I love autumn! (comment me if you want me to send out the recipe!)Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde look like Siamese twins compared to the faces of my children. David got home around 2:00 am (or 1:00 if you hadn't changed your clocks yet). He's a 'renter' so his curfews are pretty lenient, and I'm hoping he learns some lessons with time management .... soon! The rest of us worked really hard to get the house Sabbath ready. I guess David didn't notice that when he left his shoes and socks in the dining room (the dining room??) and dropped his blanket he used on the hay ride to snuggle up with his date with, even when he walked by it the next morning to take Clover out, it was the only thing in the hall, he had to step on it to go down the stairs. I was very mature about it all and layed his smelly socks on his pillow and threw the shoes and blanket on his bed. I wrote in our family counsel notebook about a weird phenomenon in the house, we'll see what happens. So there's the Mr. Hyde part (or is that Dr. Jekyll, I can never remember). I asked him how his date went. He and another friend (Jacob Jackson) took out a couple of YSA (Young Single Adult) from the 2nd ward. They went to see Fireproof, I had blogged about it not too long ago, and I had told all the kids that it was a must see. He took my advice to heart. He said he felt a little silly because he cried through so much of it. Then he bore a great testimony, and not great just because he's my son, I'll admit when my kids aren't giving good testimonies. So how is it that my heart swells with pride one minute and I"m wanting him to suffocate on his smelly socks the next?
It's PIE Sunday and our together forever family is not together!:
Choir practice 10:00-11:00
Church 11:00 - 2:00
Meeting 2:00-3:00 (somebody always has a meeting - Primary, YMs, one of the kids...)
3:30 get home (without the twins, went to friends to get ride to Stake YWs choir)
3:45 David, Harrison, & Danni leave to go to a missionary farewell in 2nd ward.
4:00 Bill gets to PIE Tawny
4:30 David drops off Harrison and Danni and heads to 'Break the Fast' a YSA activity.
5:04 Bill is done with Tawny
5:10 Bill and Tawny eat my scrumptious dinner as Bill drives Tawny to friends so she can also go to Stake YW choir rehearsal.
5:31 I'm done with dinner and blogging while Harrison plays the piano waiting for Bill to get home and PIE him.
6:15 we'll squeeze in Danni's PIE (I really should tape those!)
Hopefully by 6:30 the twins will be home and they will get their PIEs done by 8:00
8:00 family counsel, done by 9:30
David will have to set up another time for his PIE, he's just not available anymore. Tony and Wendy are moving back to Idaho (sniff sniff) and David is moving into the house. He's excited to be 'on his own'. Maybe his PIE days are up and he will just have 'man chats' when he needs his father's counsel.


Kristie said...

Just to clear some things up :-) I left those shoes in the dining room so that I wouldnt wake the fam going up the creeky stairs.. And the blanket had nothing to do with me. I used a Harry Potter blanket which I forgot at thier house, so I have no idea what the other blanket is from. The good stuff is true though :-) Oh and this is David, I just dont want to go upstairs and get my account info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krisitie,

I enjoy your blogg, just found
out how to leave you a comment.
Stinky socks on pillow is certainly fair......
Halloween costumes cute as can be.
children in them even cuter!
Love ya, Aunt Kathleen

devri said...

fair, whats fair in love and war right...

JoEllen said...

David is going to be on his own...what a grown young man! Perhaps he will miss having you pick up his dirty socks. :)

Your schedule sounds way too busy to be part of a relaxing sunday.

Sal just informed me that he is "arguing" with someone else on David's facebook page. Too funny!!


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