Monday, October 13, 2008

Reese's anyone?

I am very proud of myself. "Why?" you ask...
I have not purchased any Halloween candy!!
Now this may not seem like a huge feat to you - but humor me.
My normal circle of shame starts at the beginning of October when the giant bags of candy start popping up in the stores. I buy a bag of Reese's or 3Musketeers with the verbal promise to save them for Halloween, but the inside voices (quieter, but much more persuasive) already are suggesting a small treat for the ride home. Of course the bag is half empty upon arriving home and I must hide the rest to cover my tracks...and eat later. So my next visit to the store (about 3 or 4 days later) I buy another bag. I take it home - unharmed! But after my first bag that is in hiding ends up empty I break open the next bag, now this bag was not put shamefully into hiding because it has not been violated. I can only creatively fold it for so long before it becomes apparent that the insides are dwindling, so I do what any of you would do, buy another bag and retire the 2nd bag into hiding. Usually by this point my husband starts to get suspicious, probably all the wrappers in the trash...
By the time I get to bags number 5 & 6 the children have caught on and begin raiding all my hiding places. Maybe I should put them in their jobs they're supposed to be cleaning they'd never get found there...
So, back to the point of this blog... I haven't bought any candy!! yet... I do need to pick up some groceries tomorrow though.. Reese's anyone?


devri said...

Dove milk chocolate is mine

Kristin said...

Oh, yah. Bring on the Reese's. I try to buy the suckers and Smarties now. Less of a temptation for me. Of course, then I am forced to raid the chocolate stash my kids bring home. There is no escape!

Wendy said...

I always buy the "yucky" candy so I'm not tempted. But I usually end up with a bag of the good stuff too...and it never gets to the trick or treaters. I'm glad to know I'm in good company.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the shout out, thats 3 for you! Keep your fingers crossed!

Lindsay said...

I get especially weak AFTER Halloween, when everything's 50% or more off.

Oh, and by the way, the coasters arrived, safe and sound. They are lovely! Thank you!!

JoEllen said...

Such willpower...we haven't bought any yet either. I'm waiting until right before Halloween!

julia said...

is it just my computer or why can i not read your blog w/the white text?

i want to read, i think i'm missing out on some good stuff - like that pumpkin recipe!!



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