Monday, February 4, 2008

Footprints (according to me:-)

One night I dreamt that I was with my Father in Heaven,
Discussing my life.
We sat and watched the events unfold,
like footprints in the sand.
As the scenes went by I noticed there were usually two sets of footprints,
but at other times it looked like
a grenade hit a spot on the beach.
Footprints were everywhere as well as bigger round indentations.
"Father, whatever happened to you carrying me through
those turbulent times?"
"Oh daughter, let's see if we can remember what
happened. "
All of a sudden the scene became clear; it felt as if
I were there again.
I believed I could not continue, not one more step.
"It's too hard!" I whined "I can't go on! Carry me;
don't make me walk through this."
"Now child," came the patient reply, 'I never said I
would carry you through your trials, I just said I
would support you through them."
That's when I petulantly sat down (thus the round
indents) and pulled my knees up to my chin.
"It's too hard and I'm too tired."
About that time a friend or family member walked up to me and offered a hand.
Sometimes I would take it,
sometimes I wouldn't.
When I chose to stay on my rump I would moan about how
easy it seemed for them and how hard it was for me.
Father would point out that I had no idea what they
had been through, or what was coming up for them.
I would then slam my fists into the sand and kick my feet.
'It's just not fair, I've followed all you told
me to do, it's not getting any easier."
Father would then kneel beside me and
gently lift my chin and say,
"What made you think the path would
suddenly become easier to tread?
You are just tired, and that's OK,
let's rest
and evaluate just how far you've come."
Many times, after a short break, we would be off again.
But there were a couple of times that I got up and turned the other direction.
"It was easier back there, I'm going back."
And I would begin to stomp off.
"Daughter," would come Father's loving voice, "I'm not in that direction,
you have to go this way to be with me.
I can see over this rise, you don't have my
perspective; you have no idea the joy that awaits you.
You are growing stronger on this course, and there
will still be some rough areas ahead, but the strength
you are gaining will enable you to get through them
easier. You also have people ahead who need your
hand, they need your strength to get up from their
exhausted state, and you won't be any help to them
back there. As we make this journey together you are
getting to know me better, and becoming a little more
like me with every step in the right direction, I'd
hate to lose this great relationship we have, please
don't leave me when you’re with me I will never give you more than you
can bear, I promise you that."
I would then reach out, and He would again take my
hand and we would continue our journey.
~Kristen Inman


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Hi Kristie! I found you through JoEllen's blog. Anyway, fun to run into you guys via the world wide web! I was just thinking about your family the other day as I was going through some old Activity Days photos -- I sure miss your girls. How are they doing in Young Womens? Well anyway, I hope you don't mind if I keep reading. :) Have a lovely day!




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