Saturday, April 9, 2011

good fences make good neighbors

Once there was a little boy who would not stay in his yard and his parents became very concerned.... his papa went to the river and found some logs that were strong and true...

...he then dug holes using only the most precise and accurate measuring tools...

...papa found it hard to keep his crew on track...

...but he managed to make some headway...

...and the crew continued working through rain and shine... times the crew was large...

...and papa was very good at ordering them around... extremely handsome and talented son designed and made a gate...

...the neighbors and friends commented on the families resourcefulness of using table tops from table acquired at an auction long long ago...

...and the little boy has found....
...that it's much harder to escape!
I planted some of my cool weather crops today, beets, carrots, lettuce, radishes, and a new vegetable I haven't tried yet, kohlrabi.  We're trying the no-till method since our gardens are raised and there has been very little soil compaction.  I'm currently begging for egg cartons to start the zillion seeds I have left to plant.
I have been in mourning for the past week or two.  It seems so silly with all the horrible disasters around the world that I would be fretting about my selfish little problems. 
 But I didn't get into grad school. 
I think I will substitute next year.  I must have more faith in Bill's art selling.  He is doing so wonderful at getting into his studio and producing tons of super work.  It's been great having Tawny here to watch Enoch and give Bill some studio time. 
I know I have said I was going to do Hcg again, I failed, so I'm starting over again! Another reason for my mourning.


Anonymous said...

I hope the fence keeps the little escape artist in. :)
I always want to plant a garden and somehow always find "next year" the proper time to start.
Sorry about grad school.

The Byards said...

We didn't get into grad school either. They must have been super picky this year! There's always next year, though!

JoEllen said...

Cute post. I love the picture of Enoch in the ground.

I was starting to wonder about you since you've been absent from the blogging world. I'm sorry you didn't get into grad school. Keep your chin up. It's hard to believe but these things do happen for a reason. (I have to tell myself that everytime I start to feel clostraphobic in my little condo.)

Thinking of you.



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