Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend

We had about 4 hours of sun on Good Friday and went on a walk.  I'm not sure what Danni is doing, maybe some yoga poses while she waits for us to catch up.  Bill was lagging behind taking landscape pictures, hence the many views of my 'lagging behind'.

Danni put her hand in the koi pond and the fish flocked to her and touched her hand, she was pretty thrilled!
On Saturday I took advantage of the 2 hours of sun we had and laid in the hammock with a good book which I set on my stomach and fell asleep.
Harrison & Aurora took Enoch and Danni down to the South Church of the Nazarene where a helicopter dropped 20,000 eggs.  The little ones had fun, the older ones were frustrated with the mannerless mob - and their children.
On Sunday we participated in our annual Easter Cantata which our conductor and pianist work so hard on.  We have an amazing choir this year, but we're losing some and very sad about it, darn residents:-)
I have a tradition that nobody else seems to remember- and since I had not blogged about it I have no proof, and maybe they're all correct and I did make it up on the spot - but we'll keep that our secret!
This [long standing] tradition is to find a symbolic meaning for all the food served in our Easter feast:
palm fonds - when the Savior came into Jerusalem on the donkey.

 Baked Macaroni and cheese
it's yellow like the sun that finally shone after 3 days and nights of darkness
looks like it could be the stone that was rolled in front of the Savior's tomb.

the bread of life
And sweet is the love that allows us to repent and live with Him again!

 Our kids will probably never be too old for a good egg hunt- Bill being one of those kids.  He takes as much joy hiding the eggs as the kids do finding them.  I don't think the CSI could find a lot of the eggs he hid.  It is further proof that these children are his because they find them!  Next year ladders and hammers may be employed....


Shauna said...

FUN! Love the pics! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from

JoEllen said...

Dani's face is priceless! I love that picture.

Happy Easter.



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