Friday, January 15, 2010

walking on water

I read to Danni out of Scripture Stories...that's her scripture study. The book is no longer published the same, now it has DVDs and Cds and such. Ours was published in 1980, and I love the illustrations! The stories are great too, it's written so a child can understand, and yet it's not sugar coated or dumbed down. Recently we read about Peter:

I had also been reminded of this Bible story in a talk or lesson, I can't remember. But this illustration speaks to me, it doesn't show Peter's feet gone in the water, or even to his knees, he's half sunk!

I guess I put myself in Peter's position a lot. I'm the one in the midst of a sever storm who would see a friend out doing something that looks really cool, and kind of dangerous and would ask if I could try too. This is how it would have gone if it were me in the boat:

All the other people: "There's a person out on the water just walking, it must be a ghost, I'm scared!"

Me: "Hey! (Yelling to the ghost) Are you a ghost?"

Jesus: "No it's me, coming to see how you guys were doing, seeing as half of you are fishermen and can't handle a few waves" (OK - that's not the Savior's reply, but really, why were they always so scared on rough water?)

Me: (to the others) "It's Jesus you weak stomached fishermen! He's walking on the water. That's so cool! We should go try!"

The others: "Ummmm, maybe tomorrow, I just ate."

Me: (To Jesus) Hey, can I try? That looks fun!"

Jesus: "Sure, come on out!"

Me: "all right!"

I would spring over the side (just like I spring over the baby gate on our steps, I've gotten quite 'springy' lately) and land on top of the water, no problems! I would start walking over to Jesus amazed at why I had never tried this before. Oh yeah - I didn't know it could be done! The huge waves would roll toward me and I would brace myself for the cool water to wash over me, no fear. After the wave rolls by I would look back at the others and do a little moon walking back step/slide (yes, I can, I grew up in the 80s). That's when I would sink, and sink fast! Pride, not fear is the weight around my neck. Both the fear and the pride take eyes off the Savior and on to something else.
Of course I would yell "Help!" I would be able to because I can kick my feet and swim to get my head above the water, but there's a storm out and I need the Savior's hand. He would probably let me struggle for awhile, hoping maybe that I would learn my lesson, then help me to my feet.

Peter had to have the Savior with him to make it back to the ship, then the waves calmed.

I wonder what I would do... knowing me I would say, "OK, I can do it now." And try to make the walk back to the ship by myself. I'd probably get eaten by a whale and have to spend a few days learning humility and obedience in it's stomach....oh wait, different story.


Nora said...

very cool post !!

Mom said...

I love what you wrote. Probably very similar to what I'd do. You'd think you were my daughter or something!!!

JoEllen said...

Oh my gosh, awesome post!

(And I never understood why the fishermen were afraid of the storm either.)



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