Monday, January 25, 2010


Last night David was set apart as an Elder. The Stake Pres took some pics for us, I have been looking at them with a hyper-critical eye...
If you can see Harrison raise your hand! Don't bother snapping the pants up, the diaper always finds a way through anyway. Danni carries this pet- hair, dirt-filled blanket -into a home that eschews dust- from the van ~ classy! And yes Enoch did come in with two socks and two shoes.... after we loaded the children in the van to leave Bill had to go disrupt the President's next appointment to find his forgotten shoes.Enoch is cute from the back. I'm sure Danni is not reacting to any sisterly 'try not to be annoying' massage or anything.
It made me think of a time I was walking with some friends when we lived in Colorado and one said that when they first moved into the ward she really thought I had it all together. (Yes she used thought in past tense!) Me having it all together is akin to me doing the breast stroke across the Atlantic Ocean.
* I had to watch my washing machine this morning to see what would happen in 'soak' mode, I've only had it for two years! It's a front loader, and I had a very nice pile of laundry on the floor that I molded into a comfy chair for the show. I was tempted to make popcorn, I had a truffle instead.
* I'm completely OK with the kids making cereal for dinner - on the nights Bill works late.
* When I go into people's homes that require shoes off at the door I worry because usually the shoes on my feet are cleaner than my feet because I walk around barefoot all the time, I have even left to go to the store without shoes.
* Sometimes when my husband knows I'm sleep deprived and lets me sleep while he goes down to do scripture study with the kids I lay awake and listen to the sound of their voices singing the hymn and reading waft through the house and my heart explodes with pride, then I roll over and fall asleep.
I could go on, but if you know me at all you could also go on. In the end there always seems to be a picture that works.
It can almost be deceiving, it can almost look like we've got 'it' together. Over all we make a pretty good team, and maybe that's all that's necessary to get through this life anyway. The shoes, the blanket, the million little things that are so easy to pick apart are what make us fun and wacky. They are what make us human and fallible, they are what make us unique.


Devri said...

Your old enough to have a missionary?? old fart!

Loved this post.. ok so in our family when we have a family member, a cousin, or whatnot go on a mission, we pray for them morning, noon and night.. So guess who is getting the power of the Naulu family???


Love you guys

Shauna said...

What a beautiful post! Love the words and the pictures! Thanks for sharing! ♥(((HUGS)))♥

Charitons said...

What a great family! Lots of L-O-V-E that's what is all about right?

JoEllen said...

Oh my gosh - I love this post and series of pictures. It just brings me back...

By the way - you're looking fabulous!!!

julia said...

you guys are just cute.



Real cool guy!


Here is beauty!


Hunky boy!


Green eyed goddess


Perfect in every way


Princess angel girl


Nobody is more loved