Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with the Inmans

We have many traditions, and seem to gather more annually as we hear about what others do. So maybe you'll want to share in some of ours, as we steal some from you!
We make bread bears - very yummy and oh so cute! I got this idea from a Sunset Christmas idea book. After they are made we deliver them by caroling. It was fun to have everyone together for that!

Danni helping in making the bears, she is quite proficient in the kitchen.

We have our big meal on Christmas Eve. Our last one with all the kids...oh wait, I guess that would be last year since David ditched us for his girlfriend and the Trans Siberian Orchestra!

Christmas Eve we open one PJs. Bill's main gift was silk ones. Nice!

The next morning we get to see what was left under the tree, this year it wasn't too extravagant. And this will be the last time I get up at 4:00 am to 'prepare' everything and then wait until almost 8:00 for everyone to wake up! The kids were good sports with their slighter stockings and Danni and Enoch didn't know any differently.
After that we eat breakfast and take care of the dog, then we go back in and unwrap gifts.
The kids each drew a sibling's name and they were given a $5.00 limit. I loved their thoughtfulness....

David got some very nice shoes for his mission from Tawny.

Tawny got some cool jewelry from David.

Danni got an entire outfit, shoes and all, from Aurora.

Enoch got a remote control puppy from Harrison.

Eve got some groovy toe socks from Enoch.

Aurora got some funky slipper/moccasins from Danni.

Harrison has been wanting sweater vests for the longest time, Eve remembered and got him 2.

That's what happens when you train your children to thrift store shop! As far as other gifts to the kids from us, we adopted the poem I read from one of my blogger friends to another :
something they want
something they need
something unique
& something to read.
Except we didn't worry to much about the 'want' part.... maybe I should say on that first line:
something from the heart
I got some new toys for my kitchen!

We played a lot of games, watched some movies, and ate too much food!
We did enjoy the new Sherlock Holmes movie, totally suggest it to anyone!

All in all we had a fabulous Christmas. Just being together, reading cards from friends and loved ones, and calls from family made it amazing.

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JoEllen said...

I love your bread bears. They are too cute! (And you're looking hot in that apron! Whoa baby!)

I love to see what siblings pick for each other. Oftentimes they remember what each other want better than the parents!



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