Thursday, August 20, 2009


Why is it that certain words like 'confessions', 'seduce', & 'forbidden' are oddly alluring and cause more temptation than repulsion?

So here are some confessions I must share to purge my soul and start renewed again:

First (if you see my facebook's status' you already know this): I took a shower the other day and asked Danni to keep an eye on Enoch for 10 minutes. Usually they sit in the living room watching Sesame Street. When I came back down I realized Enoch was not in the living room, and the door that we normally keep locked that led to the downstairs bathroom was unlocked. I ran in, sure I'd find him splashing in the toilet, like he loves doing, but instead I found this:
It wasn't until the next day that I realized he could have easily fallen in head first and drowned. What do I do with this child? He climbs everything! He falls constantly and is hardly effected.
I have only canned once in my life, that was 15 years ago and I canned 2 jars of applesauce with the help of a friend, and we ate them later that week. So really I have no canning 'history'.
After getting detailed instruction from Mandy, her mom, and her sister I canned 2 bushels of peaches! Now I feel like a 'real' Mormon mom!


I have been very bad with my weight loss program, I think I just needed a little respite. I'm ready to get back on it again. Miraculously during these past two weeks of laziness I have still lost a pound a week.


I am lonely. For 20 years I have had full access to my husband. In Colorado his studio was behind the house, I could go visit anytime. Even when he was teaching or at his studio here in Muncie I could call him or stop by. Bill now works at Sallie Mae and it's a 'lock down' joint, no phones, no communication at all with the outside world once they're in. I suppose that's a good thing since they are handling a lot of personal information about people.

There are 2 people close to my age in my church. Not that age should stop friend ships, but just commonality. I haven't really felt like I can do the call and chat thing though. That's my fault, I haven't pursued 'girl friends' because I've had my very best friend available. Danni assures me that she's my friend, I appreciate that.

So now I need to get more active in the friendship area. How do I do this? Don't these bonds form naturally and without thought? I do have 'girl friends' that I still keep in contact in Colorado and Kansas where we lived. For some reason I'm more removed here, both physically and mentally. I've had some terrific friends that decide to move away, too many!

So as pitiful as this sounds, I need help! I did get back into the Muncie Moms discussions on the web, thanks to an email telling me about it. They are having a GNO (girls night out) in Sept. I don't know if I want to go, I don't know anybody, and I live so much differently than most women. But maybe I should.

Do you want to confess too? Go ahead, it will make me feel better;-)


the mama hood said...

My, oh my..boys are trouble I tell ya! lol! At least you are doing a weight loss program.. haven't started that yet! I have only one confession..I need to get off this computer! bye.....

Kimberly said...

We have been doing a lot of canning lately in total over 2 gallons of apple/pear sauce, 2 quarts beans (frozen), 3 quarts squash (frozen), and 1 gallon of pears in pineapple juice and a flat of sweet pickles! I don't know what we are going to do with it all once we move into an apartment next year with only the fridge/freezer combo without a chest freezer.

Kelley said...

Okay, I'll make a confession: I feel like a failure as a mom. Try as I might to give Danielle space & freedom to be who she wants, it does nothing but bite me in the back. Or at least that's how I'm feeling.

I know the Lord won't give me more than I can handle but this whole 'daughter thinks I'm the devil thing' is for the birds!

Charitons said...
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Charitons said...

I just did Apricot jam for the first time and it was way more fun than I thought it would be. I am enjoying being domestic... Invite some ladies or one lady to go walking with you. That's a good time to visit.

JoEllen said...

I LOVE canned peaches. I crave them. Living in the desert requires me to actually ORDER peaches. Mine should be here in about 2 weeks. I'm sure excited. Congrats on starting your "canning history."

I'm sorry your hubby is in a lock down work environment. It's hard to feel so cut off!

Making friends requires effort. I agree with Charitons...invite someone to walk. You guys were always really good about inviting people over for dinner and sharing your home. Keep doing that! Don't let age be a discriminating factor! You never know... :)

Erika said...

WOW, I like confession time. Um, lately I've got the friend issue. I've got some good friends here, but my closest friend who I ALWAYS did things with moved away. I don't feel the same connection with anyone I'm not motivated to do anything. OH, and sometimes, when I get stressed over something stupid, any little thing Ella does that's contrary to what I want sets me off. Poor girl. OH, and I spend too much time on the computer...time to get off!

julia said...

um, one, i'll be your friend.

two, i think enoch in the toilet is hilarious. he fits perfectly and yet if it were my child, i'd probaby say iew! and throw him in the shower.

three, i've never canned fruit in my life and really wish muncie and los angeles were closer so i could learn from you and participate.

four, my confession for the day is that i'm going to go home and eat a big serving of my blackberry cobbler. before dinner. that's right.

Mandy said...

your peaches look great!!



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