Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You might have an (almost) five year old in your house if...

* You find stickers on your thermos, phone, and hairbrush.
* Art for display becomes anything scribbled down as long as there is more than one color.
* You spend three hours setting up the kiddie pool and it's used for three minutes.
* Bedtime rituals last longer than the cold war.
* Half the clothes are too small, the other half are dirty.
* The dog has enough food in her bowl to last four days.
* A movie is only good if the animals talk through it.
* Talking animal movies can be watched 17 times in a week and still be entertaining.
* Hugs are given freely and often.
* Advice is given freely and often.
* Gardening is not a one person job...ever!
* There's no such thing as a dog that bites.
* One bite of salad is enough to be full, but one cookie is just a taster.
* Snuggling while doing nighttime scripture study is a must.
* It doesn't matter what the prayer is being offered for - it's important that we all have fun.
* Shoes are optional and often they disappear on heir own.
* Everybody wants to look at freshly brushed teeth and smell freshly brushed mouths.
* An ice pack heals all wounds, unless it's bleeding, then a band aid is needed too.
* Naps are not needed anymore.
* No matter how many hair clips are in taking hair in as many different directions, she's beautiful!


JoEllen said...

Such a cute post...I might steal that idea for later. :)

Does Danni have any advice for me on getting Little Sal to poop in the toilet?

Anonymous said...

I loved this. Things haven.t changed much in all these years!!! Love Ya, Aunt Kathleen

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, this is a great list! LOL. I'm there on some things already and our oldest is 2!



Real cool guy!


Here is beauty!


Hunky boy!


Green eyed goddess


Perfect in every way


Princess angel girl


Nobody is more loved