Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vote for Tawny

You helped me so much with Eve (if you haven't, then please do!). So now you can help me with Tawny! These are her Sr. pics, she said, "Be nice".




#6 These were taken at a factory that is being torn down, I love the crumbling architecture and rubble as a background for her sweet, fresh, and Innocent self!
#7 OK, not looking so sweet here! But I don't mind my daughters looking like they can take a football player out!!#8#9



Anthony & Mandy Vermillion said...

I like the top one the best! Althogh, the railroad track pictures are pretty cool too.

Erika said...

4, 6, and 9...depending on the look you're going for. Great shots. Wish my girls would pose for me!

Wendy said...

1 and 5 are my favorites.

Devri said...

#1 and the last is my fav

JoEllen said...

I have to disagree with everyone and say number 10 by far!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and white together. It's a beautiful contrast. I LOVE the railroad pictures. Number 10 is playful and mysterious and sexy, the lighting is awesome. It's great.

Kristin said...

I like 10 the best, as an image, but for a face shot I would choose 9

julia said...

the first one. she looks amazing.

Angel said...

I liked three and eleven. 10 is great but we can't see her beautiful face. Boy, Kristie, I feel like I'm looking at pics of you at her age!!!

Sheralan said...

Number 9, for sure. I love the beauty in the midst of the rubble. So contradictory, very bold. Plus, she is ALMOST smiling in that photo, so that's another plus. She looks so much like you. It's amazing.

Family said...

10 is awesome. Could be in an AD. 3 to see her beauty though.



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