Friday, June 26, 2009


I realized as we left our 1985 Dodge Van at the mechanics (again) yesterday that 1985 was a long long time ago!

Imagine- when our van was rolling off the line brand spanking new these things were happening:
I was humming the "We are the World" song because we had to learn it in choir, I was a sophomore/Jr.

I was dancing to "Thriller"

-or trying to, I never got it memorized like so many from my era.

I didn't know that my all time favorite comic was just hitting the press- I was in "The King and I" right around he time Yul Brenner Died.

Farra Fawcet was just loosing her steam as a blond bomb shell, I think she was on her second marriage and had a baby...

Ashley Tisdal, Kiera Knightly, and Phelps were all born in 1985...

All common house hold names now (unless you don't have teenagers, then you might not know Ashley...)

It makes me see how fast time goes. With the death of Micheal Jackson, it also makes me realize how old I am. ]

The 80s seemed to be the era of divorce, I come from a product of that. Of Independence, as women learned to manage on their own. Of latch-key kids, because mom wasn't at home to take care of them. Of lessening morals as stupid 'Fast Times at Ridgmont High' type movies splashed the waning values and free sex all over movie theaters and the new VHS machines everywhere.

The computer age was born, and even though it took almost 10 years for the connections to happen, it's now a commodity we can't live without. The world became smaller and death, starvation, and wars in other areas of the planet became every one's concern.

Russia was still a mystery behind the Berlin Wall.

I wonder how my kids will be looking back in 24 years...

The cult High School Musical following, the Swine Flu, the on going 'war on terror', the depression... who knows what will have the staying power in years to come...


Anthony & Mandy Vermillion said...

Guess I can't say I remember 85, cause thats the year I was born... good year I would say

JoEllen said...

This is such a fun post...

I was telling Sal about your post and we agreed that 1985 was a long time ago, but it just doesn't feel like it. For me, 1985 is the beginning of my childhood memories and it is a time that doesn't seem so far away.

Family said...

YUCK YUCK Yuck! not liking the rebirth of the 80's! I was a teen ager during that time and I am very afraid of that era ;)



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