Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Danni and I unwittingly wore the same dress Sunday, so we moddeled for a picture. I really should put some make up on!

Spring keeps teasing me with the warm days and birds sing spring type songs. So I went ahead and started my starts. I have learned some things I thought I might share with you!
1- Sunflowers grow way faster than parsley and should probably not be put in the same tray.
2- Pepper seeds that are 5 years old may or may not sprout.
3- When you ask a 4 year old to help you make tags there's a good chance that something might be spelled like: onagero or otamot if you're spelling it out for them.
4 - also when you have a four year old helping you some seeds might be 'buried' deeper than others.
5- Leaving start containers empty because you want to buy more seeds is OK, as long as you get those seeds within the next day.

I was just wondering what I was doing a year ago on my blog, this was what was posted on March 9th, so I resurrected it...(it was much colder last year at this time:-)

50 mile an hour lament

The white grey expanse flies by

Coldness sensed through sight.

An irrational smugness:

I beat the elements by simply turning

up the heat in my van.

I shed my coat

My baby sleeps

in a cozy zipped up cocoon of warmth.

What of those before me?

My progenitors who traversed

these plains on foot pushing a handcart?

I suddenly long to prove my strength.

Oh, to lace up my boots

and strain my muscles against

Rutted dirt roads,

fierce winds, stinging pellets of rain,

Blizzards, blistered hands,

and dust gritting my teeth.

I reach out and turn down the heat

and turn up the radio.


devri said...

We so need to plant in our house right now.. what I great idea!

JoEllen said...

You're so good to be starting your garden now! It is not really growing season here, it is actually coming to a close soon, so I'll have to wait out the summer before we start anything. I hope you have great success with your garden this year!

kknox said...

Don't plant the sunflowers anywhere you don't want a tree stump in the fall. They are harder than heck to get out of the ground!



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