Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheap date

Our ward (church group for non-Mormons who may wondering what a ‘ward’ is outside of the loony bin!) is having a deflating inflation evening where we can learn all sorts of ways to save money. One of the subjects has to do with ‘cheap dates’ – of which Bill and I are the king and queen. I’m slightly shocked we weren’t asked to speak on it, so I’m speaking (in a typing on a keyboard sense) now!
It all started when Bill and I were courting each other. Arctic Circle (not know around these parts – more of a Western Chain, but I’ll take Steak –n- Shake over it any timeJ) had a fry sauce that I rather liked, so we would go on a date to the Arctic and split a fry with sauce and laugh at all those poor souls who would get cholesterol problems later from those trays full of food. (of course cholesterol wasn’t invented yet, but fat was!)
Throughout our marriage we have tried to get in a date a week. We have also been poor as…well…starving artists through that time, so we have gotten creative in dating cheaply, here are some examples:
1- Frisbee golf – we really do enjoy it. It’s free except for the initial investment of a golf disk, or if you have kids that don’t mind diving into slug infested water to rake the bottom for other’s lost disks, then they’re free- until yours becomes the one at the bottom of the slug infested river… the cost – (1st time about $8.00 per disk) after that - free
2- Farmer’s Market – we go with a small amount of money so we can get some yummy fresh peaches or corn on the cob. But we enjoy the flowers and the people even more. It’s a very nice stroll to the market and back - I wish it were year around. the cost- under $3.00
3- Shopping – OK, now I know this doesn’t sound like a date, but it can be really fun. Throwing toilet paper to each other over the aisles, listening to new music at the electronics department, or test driving office chairs up and down the aisle. – the cost, no more than what you would have normally spent, unless you break something.
4- The penny walk – this is fun, you get a penny and start walking down a sidewalk, when you reach an intersection you flip the penny, heads go right, tails go left. – the cost – 1 cent, but you keep it in the end – so nothing!
5- We love Redbox movies. Sometimes we’ll go out and get one ($1.00), grab some trader’s point icecream ($6.00 – I know, but it’s worth it!)and hide in our bedroom with the portable DVD player ( you don’t have a TV in your bedroom do you?? I’ll blog on that later). total cost -$7.00
6- The Greenway is perfect, like an old couple we’ll sit on a bench at sunset and watch the geese as they gracefully dodge Clover (our dog) as she’s chasing them through the water and we yell our throats dry trying to stop her. Cost – free!
7- Picnics are always a fun way to date. Ours have been quite extravagant to PB & J and a bottle of water. We have fun laying in each other’s arms and watching clouds or trees or the homeless people walk by. Cost _ anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00
8- Five Buck Club is a hit. We have special cards that lets us get into movies for $5.00 a piece once the show has been out for a couple of weeks. cost - $10.00
So what’s your favorite cheap date? Share with me, I need it!


Lindsay said...

I just had a comment all written out, and blogger deleted it. Sad! But here's the gist of what I said:

Your penny walk sounds awesome! I'd love to try that here in NYC because, hey, what a great way to explore!

Our cheapest date is to the temple. We also like to go on walks in the neighborhood and around the city and play "name that tune" with youtube videos. Fun times. :)

Kelsey said...

Hey Kristie...will you bring all your ideas on cheap dates to the activity! ha ha Seriously though, I didn't ask anyone specifically, but if you don't come, I'm printing off your list. What great ideas! I love the penny walk.

JoEllen said...

One of mine and Sal's first dates involved the DI. We went to the biggest thrift store we could find and we picked out an item for the other person to wear on our date. The rule was that it had to fit, and if the chooser liked it, you had to wear it. I ended up with a faux fur lined vanilla colored coat. I think our total cost for the night was 4 dollars, but we had a really fabulous time hunting through the store and trying different things on.

Sal and I also like to shop. It's not something we get to do very often together and if we can do it without the outstretched hands of a two year old to worry over - even better!!

You left out 50 cent movie night with 1 dollar ice cream...



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