Sunday, March 30, 2008

What dreams may come

I felt prompted to write the following poem from hearing my children talk. The future is such an easy thing to plan and such a hard thing to live! David is leaving this summer to TX for an internship. I'll post more about that later. Tawny called me a 'kill joy' today. Maybe she's right, a little bit. I definitely don't want to be like my father and counsel, 'keep your feet on the ground'. I just want them to find joy in everyday life and not 'be happy when...' I know my children will so outshine us, that's what they're supposed to do, I just hope they appreciate getting there, and I hope it's not as easy 'getting there' as they dream it will be!
My sympathy towards the youth
Who feels longings of fantastical visions:
The romance of dreams on deserted sunset beaches
Homes decked in sleek furniture and large TVs
Smooth shiny cars with GPS and heated seats
They strike the match hard and expect hot flames of perfection
My sympathies go to those who get their wishes.
How much better to strike and re-strike
Small puffs of smoke
A lone charred head left
- Heartbreak-
But when the flame does take
Let it be a small, barely distinguishable flutter of fire
Let it take work and burn steady, slowly.
Appreciate the constant warmth
Revel in the thrill of consistency.


devri said...

you are so talented, and amazing, and.... it just keeps on going. love ya

Lindsay said...

That's awesome that David got an internship in Texas! Congrats to him. I've been to the Lone Star State a few times (Austin and San Antonio and vicinity) to visit my in-laws, and from what I've seen, it's a great place. You will miss him, for sure (what mother wouldn't?), but just think about all the fun adventures your children are embarking on!

Angel said...

That's a beautiful poem ~ I think one of your best!!! I'd wish the same thing. When things come too easy they seem to leave as easily. Plus they're not appreciated. It makes me sad to see some moms just giving their children everything they want because real life won't treat them that way!! You're a wonderful mother. I can't wait to see David!!



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